Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Today, i like to write something on the ways to attract a women. as we know, naturally women is attracted to the guy. but, why their have some guy that can attract many girl and have guy that cant attract the women. So, i have some tips for guy, but this is only my advice..hehe.

1. Respect your self. it means you must feel that your self have dignity. dont ever underestimate your self because it will effect your motivation.

2. Take care of your hygiene.

3. Respect other people especially older people and women

4. Be your self and dont try to imitate other people because it will make you look weird

5. Do not act desperately because women hate it

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today 29th july 2013,

its a new day for me, i suddenly feEl that i must improve my english. i realize that its is important to my self make improvement. so, starting from today i will try to write my blog in english.. hehe,

from the internet i found many ways to improve english. i will highlight some of the ways

1.Watch english television, films, and also listen for the radio.

2. Reading the newspapers

3.Use the internet for search reading materials that you  interested in english

4. Practise your english even with your friend and now for me is for blogging..hehe

5. always use your dictionary to improve your vacabulary

so, this is some tips for me and for everybody to improve your language

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